About BB Active : Elly Beaman-Brinklow

My Ethos

Hello, my name is Elly. I started BB Active with the aim and a passion to help others develop an active lifestyle, enjoy exercise and through this, become happy and confident with their bodies and what they can do.  I know from experience that it can feel like however hard you try, you cannot get to where you want to be and that reaching goals and being confident with your body feels like an intangible thing. But it is not rocket science and there is no magic involved. It is simply down to training that is designed specifically for your lifestyle and works for your body. There is no 'one size fits all' method. Our body’s are different and will respond individually to exercise, training methods and nutrition, which is why I make sure that your training is tailored to you and equally that you enjoy it. This makes it a little easier to reach your goals and change old habits. Challenge yourself and have fun with fitness! You will own it, with my guidance and support.

My Background

Before Personal Training I came from a dance background having trained in Ballet since the age of 5 and Contemporary and Tap Dance from 14. I have taught youth groups in Contemporary, Street Dance and Movement. Since my early teens I played Netball, Rounders, Cricket and took part in Swimming and Athletics competitions. My dance and sporting background has given me a strong understanding of the moving body and exercise. I have since moved away from dance, finding interest in outdoor and gym based exercise, games and nutrition to support an active lifestyle, running boot-camps, circuits classes, trampoline fitness classes (BounceSTRONG) and one to one training sessions. I am also an actress and co-founder of physical theatre company Haste Theatre. I love to run, hike, climb, paddle, surf, box and swim, anything that gets me moving and out in the elements. Team sports are still a large part of my life and I relish the challenge of training and taking part in events such as half marathons and Tough Mudder. Working with and understanding my body in different disciplines and learning about the way it moves both functionally and creatively, has given me a well-rounded experience as a fitness professional.


  • Cardiovascular training and planning

  • Resistance training and planning

  • Nutritional Advice

  • Circuit Training

  • Kettle Bell Training

  • Postural correction

  • First Aid

  • REPS Registered and Insured


  • Master in Physical Theatre

  • Physical Theatre Workshop Facilitator

  • Trainer at F45 Brighton Central

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