"Elly has been amazing in helping me achieve my goals. She carefully considered my routine in relation to my ailments, so I could work on fitness whilst improving little body niggles that always hinder me at the gym! I now have such a better understanding on what’s good for me and why. Would thoroughly recommend!" 

– Emma BBPT and Saturday Play Fit Team member.


BB PT will enable you to set goals, reach them and push beyond what you thought you were capable of. Whether they are weight loss, fat shredding, muscle building, preparation for an important event, stamina, skill or confidence orientated. With my expertise, knowledge and experience, I can help.


PT sessions are focused around you and based upon your preferred activities and your choice of location. I have my own equipment and can visit you at your home, work or chosen outdoor area, utilising the many great parks we have in Brighton and Hove.

Challenge yourself with a calorie burning fitness session that’s all about play!

Team sessions run outdoors and use interval training, circuit's, pair work, pad work and resistance exercises in the context of fun, fast paced team games. A class for all levels that will increase your stamina, strength, tone and weight loss. Morale and team spirit will boost motivation and push you to you your limits. Your brain will play the game but your body will feel the burn!



Want to train with a partner or friends? Boost motivation yet still get the benefit of a personalised experience with paired or small group sessions (Maximum 6 people). Varied, fun and challenging sessions to get you fit together.


Are you a business owner looking to provide fun fitness sessions for your staff and boost team spirit? or maybe you and a your of colleagues find it hard to fit the gym around busy/unorthodox work hours and want to get fit on your lunch break? Work Fit offers sessions that work for your individual team/business, running at your chosen time and location, with your colleagues. Rates are discounted for local Brighton & Hove businesses.